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Laudarte wishes you a Bright New Year

New Leone Aliotti Catalogue 2015.

Transparence seduction.

Laudeco. Our new contract collection

Imagine a collection of lamps with a modern and eye-catching design, perfect for contemporary contract.

Discorver Laudeco Contract. Modern materials and cutting edge solutions, to meet every need.

Perfect models to light every space with elegance.

Tailored-made light.


Laudarte has always been focusing on evolution of style and on details design.
Every product can be personalized according to your needs thank to high quality materials and Laudarte's deep experience in light-crafting.

The Aretura model with star-shaped base is an example on customization made according to customer's requests.

Elegance is an attitude. Our Attitute.

Palazzo Parigi - Milan. Last project by Laudarte.

Project by Pierre Yves Rochon - Paris

Never ending elegance. Always elegant.

Creating high quality products is a hard job. Crafting masterpieces is just known by few.

Laudarte loves details. We search for the finest materials and design every single model with care to create excellent products.

Laudarte's creations give a new light to your room.

Laudarte enlights the new Provasi's showroom in Kiev.

September 2013. Inauguration of the new Provasi's showroom in Kiev. Lighting by Laudarte

Make room for contemporary style. XXL leo mirai

A great collection.

XXL series products give personality and precious touch to every room, thank to their size and their visual impact. Because Laudarte thinks big.We love to satisfy your every wish, that is why we created Laudarte's Leo Mirai XXL collection. Modernly shaped lamps, made with finest materials, able to enhance like no other contemporary style.


Precious details.

Many are those who know us for our deep experience in creating fine lamps, but there are other things we do very well.

Creations that go well together with every design solution.

We offer a complete range of complements and objects to make your bathroom a precious place, filling it with a new light.


Lacquered lamps.

New bright shiny colours add a new feeling and a new sensation to our models.

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On 2011 Laudarte, Leone Aliotti, Leo Mirai have joined together giving life with this join venture to one of the most wide collection of luxury lightings.

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