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About Us

The company LAUDARTE, founded in 1992, is the result of a long and significant experience gained in the field of fashion and furnishings, and an extensive research work on materials and production techniques carried out in different countries of the world, from the owner , Mrs ​​Cristina Rossi. Flanked by the style consulting architect Giovanni Maria Malerba was able to realize historical memories and decorative themes in a series of collections of stylish, real timeless classics.

Lamps and accessories that are expressions of culture, taste and heritage of techniques linked to the old craftsmanship. The production LAUDARTE stems from a principle of modularity that allows the composition of each product, material and finish in an almost infinite possibilities of artistic expression and design.

Flexibility and creativity over the years have brought to light the production LAUDARTE imperial residences and private, embassies, palaces and some of the most prestigious hotels in the world, collaborating with leading international design firms as a partner for true integration to their creativity.

The growth of the company LAUDARTE led to the acquisition of two internationally renowned brands in 2011, born under the artistic direction of Attilio Amato: LEONE ALIOTTI e LEO MIRAI.

Two complementary lines that with their union gave birth to one of the largest collections in the lighting sector and articulate luxury.

Since 1986 LEONE ALIOTTI offers a classic, an expression of elegance and refinement of crystal lamps in the world.

LEO MIRAI is a brand that follows current trends, and while avoiding the temptations high.tech, is part of contemporary modern furniture, giving it warmth and creativity.

The synergy of the three brands, LAUDARTELEONE ALIOTTILEO MIRAI, offers the industry a new production partner, creative and highly professional able to meet the wider demands in lighting and also offers a wide range of bathroom accessories and textiles.


Each proposal is a small masterpiece that harmonizes the industrial production capacity and the traditions of high Handicraft. Small as seven musical notes, wisely measured, they arise innumerable melodies.

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Lighting objects for prestigious luxury residences, offices, government buildings and large hotels. Skillful Florentine artisans realize the decorative lamps inspired by traditional Italian designs of Attilio Amato.

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A product of refined geometries rich in precious details of crystal and alabaster designed by Attilio Amato, who from the study of the furnishings of the French architects from the 40s, has created a unique line.

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